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European Working Group issues guide to completing EMT

By Mikkel Bates Regulations

Updated on Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Having successfully delivered, after lengthy negotiations, the European MiFID Template (EMT) for the fund industry to provide the product data to populate customer reports under MiFID II, the European Working Group (EWG) has issued guidelines to help fund groups with the population of the EMT.

Fund groups need to provide distributors with pre- and post-sale costs and charges and target market data on all MiFID products ahead of sales in the EEA from the beginning of 2018.

The guidelines take the form of Q&As, addressing each field where there has been any doubt about what it means or how to populate it.  Even though time is short and groups’ preparations for MiFID II should be well-advanced by now, there are still some outstanding questions. 

Groups wishing to be informed when updated Q&As are issued should contact FE, the EWG or the trade associations involved in the negotiations.

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