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Victory for Donald Trump

By Rob Gleeson News of the day

In years to come it may be that historians and political commentators look back on 2016 as the year when the rise of anti-establishment politics really began.  Whether it be the vote for Brexit in the UK or the election of Rodgrigo Duterte as Phillipine President.  All this will surely be Trumped, in every sense of the word, by the election of a billionaire reality TV star to the highest political office on the planet.  This pattern may not be ending any time soon with elections due in major economies like France and Germany next year and signs that anti-establishment parties are also polling higher than expected.

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Victory for vote leave

By Rob Gleeson

First they said it couldn’t possibly happen, then that it probably wouldn’t happen, then that it might happen and until finally today it did happen. Yesterday Britain voted to leave the European Union and although the vote is not binding it seems inconceivable that it won’t be followed through.

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Rob Gleeson: accept the universal truth - nobody can predict the market

By Rob Gleeson FE Research and Opinions

Head of FE Research Rob Gleeson on how diversification has been the key to FE Invest portfolios' success at a time when sector peers have failed to shelter from the market turmoil...

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