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How do you demonstrate to clients that you are making the best decisions on their behalf?

By Amina Dione FE Analytics

Updated on Friday, 23 August, 2019

Whether you build portfolios or use third party models, the Dynamic Portfolio Tool (DPT) on FE Analytics can evaluate and display the historic performance of a portfolio and mark key switch points.


The tool gives you the ability to show how a portfolio would have performed had you not made key decisions such as fund swaps. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate and report to clients the value your advice adds to their wealth when it comes to reviewing their portfolio.

How can the Dynamic Portfolio Tool help you?

  • Demonstrate real and hypothetical changes to your clients’ portfolios

  • Quickly change funds and allocate weightings

  • Clearly identify ideal fund combinations and adjust holdings according to historical changes

  • Use it to create a powerful graphic to clearly show hypothetical and real performance of a portfolio that can help you select the most suitable investment option

  • Monitor changes made by your third-party model provider in a granular fashion

In addition to provide evidence to your clients, The Dynamic Portfolio Tool also helps advisers to build, monitor and review self-built, Model and Discretionary portfolios. The historic nature of the tool tracks key switch points within the life of the portfolio.  

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