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21 Multi-Asset Funds Added to the FE Approved List

By Kaavya Dijendranath

Updated on Thursday, 11 January, 2018

We are pleased to announce that 21 Multi-Asset funds have today been added to the FE Approved list.
The latest addition will help Financial Advisers in selecting the best of breed Multi-Asset funds for their clients' needs.

What is the Approved List?
The FE Invest Approved list, is a shortlist of preferred funds from the FE Research team. The funds on this list are selected based on careful scrutiny and form the basis for FE's model portfolio construction.

How are the Multi-Asset funds selected?
We begin by looking at the Risk Targeted Multi-Asset Solutions universe on FE Analytics. All the funds in the universe are scored and ranked quantitatively using their FE Crown Fund Ratings, FE Alpha Manager Rating and the FE Group Ratings. 
When constructing the shortlist, the aim is to ensure that we have an adequate number of solutions for each risk level. All funds are mapped to an EValue risk level (one to five) for a short, medium and a long-term investor.

A qualitative overlay follows the quantitative assessment to ensure funds are of high enough quality.  We also ensure that the funds selected are easily accessible and are available to Advisers on UK platforms.

How can I use them?
Whether you use the FE Invest models, use only Multi-Asset funds, or build your own models/portfolios - the extensive due-diligence undertaken to create the list can add significant value to your proposition.

What's more
, using FE's new end-to-end investment process, FE Analytics+ Investment Planner you can effortlessly map the Multi-Asset solutions to your client's individual risk level. 

Contact us at for more information or for access to the funds.